My name is Cory Gross. I am a software developer graduating in December 2013 with my Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Auburn University. I am interested in working with a like-minded team to build good software that people actually use. I am also interested in things like: open platforms such as the Web, mobile applications, networking, graphics, physics, game development, and technology in general. I am the type that is interested in technology and its advancement for it's own sake, but I'd also like to make a real impact with my work. I have a strong desire for my software to be used. I love learning to use new tools and technology, and I also have a passion for open source.

I enjoy the startup atmosphere and could definitely see myself heading out to the Silicon Valley area after graduation. However, there are also larger tech companies that I have always admired and I think it would be amazing to work at any one of those places as well. Another passion of mine is games. There are lots of game studios and figures in the gaming industry that I've looked up to as well.

This site will serve as a personal blog for my experiences and place to post technical articles. It will also house a growing body of my work that I am making available online now that I have started to learn HTML5 and JavaScript and other web technologies in the past year. Previously, my experience was mostly in more traditional native languages such as (C, C++, Java, etc). I have since expanded my horizons to include modern web devlopment, both backend and frontend. I like writing client server systems and have done so in C, C++, Java, and JavaScript using Node.JS. This blog was created using a static site generator called Jekyll written in Ruby.

Feel free to contact me anytime about employment or with questions about my experience. If you're a developer and have questions about any of my articles or projects please do not hesitate to contact me as well. I enjoy working on problems and like collaborating with others online. Just drop me a line.

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